Tuscan spa introduces sound healing

A historic Tuscan spa retreat has expanded its wellness offering with a medley of sound healing treatments in the hotel's millennial thermal cave.

Grotta Giusti, part of Italian Hospitality Collection, is now offering three new sound healing sessions with music therapist, Luri Ricci – Thermal Sound Massage, Thermal Sound Meditation and the Thermal Sound Bath.

Practised in the natural warmth of the cave, sound healing is believed to amplify sensations, aid concentration and raise body temperature, while guests will also benefit from the therapeutic effects of the cave's thermal vapours.

This ancient tradition uses Tibetan singing bowls to replicate ‘om' vibrations and frequencies similar to those of the brain. It has been heralded over the centuries for its profound effect on the body and mind; including benefits such as anxiety relief, improved circulation and lower blood pressure.