The Bluebeards Revenge becomes an official partner to World Barber Day

The Bluebeards Revenge has announced its official partnership with World Barber Day 2019 – a charity initiative that's raising funds for vulnerable children all over the globe.

The men's grooming brand has offered its support to the global initiative in conjunction with renowned charity UNICEF. Known as World Barber Day, the week-long celebration takes place between September 9th – 16th and encourages barbers to join forces to raise vital funds to help protect and educate children all over the world.

The Bluebeards Revenge, which already shows year-round support to charities such as The Lions Barber Collective and Armour to Barber, will be helping to promote the event across its social media channels and website, as well as via its team of dedicated barber ambassadors.

Nick Gibbens, PR and Marketing Manager for the Plymouth-based brand, explained: “This is an opportunity for barbers all over the globe to unite to give back to deprived and underprivileged children.

“Today, World Barber Day celebrates this notion of togetherness – it's an exhibition of how ‘ordinary' barbers are in fact so much more than that. World Barber Day highlights how each and every barber can make a real and significant difference to the world in just one week.”

The event's co-founders, Hugh and Conor McAllister, said: “We used the barbers in France from 1096 as our inspiration, settling on 16/09 as World Barber Day. The idea was to allow today's barbers to revert back to the historical inspirations of barber-surgeons, and the worldwide changes they made.”

In 2018, the inaugural World Barber Day took place on September 16th. But on the back of 12-months of support – including celebrity endorsements from names such as James Nesbitt, Ronan Keating and Saoirse Ronan – Hugh and Conor decided an extension was necessary.

They added: “Last year's event was so successful that we've decided to extend this year's celebration across a seven-day period. The event will still culminate on the special date of September 16th, but the extra few days provides barbers and their customers with even more time to donate vital funds for UNICEF, while proudly demonstrating how well this industry works together to benefit others.”

Barbershops all over the world can support this year's World Barber Day by registering their businesses online at The deadline for registrations is 23rd August and it's free to sign up.

Once registered, barbershops will receive a complimentary welcome pack that contains promotional materials to help them show their support for World Barber Day. Using these materials, registered shops then have seven days (9th-16th September) to raise as much money as possible, before donating their contributions to UNICEF via the World Barber Day website.