NEW LAUNCH: Celluma Face Shield

Light therapy brand, Celluma, have now made available its new Face Shield to beauty therapists and other clinic professionals.
As a result of the global pandemic, the company duly responded by pivoting its operations to include manufacturing disposable medical Celluma Face Shields for frontline healthcare workers.

This PPE item was specifically designed by the brand's engineers, produced with materials and methods currently used to manufacture its series of LED light therapy devices.

Patrick Johnson, CEO and inventor of the Celluma, comments: “Our first response to the COVID crisis was to ensure that our team members, our suppliers and most importantly, our customers, were safe and healthy, and had the resources to remain so. Beyond that, we feel we have an obligation to take care of our community.”

“We possess unique skills and capacities, whether it is financial, human or manufacturing capital and we are leveraging all three to produce medical-grade face shields that are so critically needed by healthcare workers around the world. It's our little way of being a part of the solution,” he adds.

As salons and clinics prepare for reopening, staff and client safety remains a priority for businesses. For this reason, Celluma's Face Shields are now being offered to beauty industry professionals.

In addition, the brand's Hygiene Barriers are also available. Simple to disinfect, these fit with most Celluma models.

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