NEW LAUCH: Aquamassage Ltd Pearlised Water Cushion

Aquamassage Ltd has announced the launch of its third generation Pearlised Water Cushion.

The new product has been created to provide further back support to clients during treatments such as facials, eyelash extensions and massage, especially in pregnancy, without the need for them to turn over onto their sides or stomach.

UK designed and manufactured, the 2020 Pearlised PVC Cushion is soft and made of long-lasting material. In addition, it features a newly designed water cap with fill line guide to make filling the cushion easier.

Aquamassage Ltd also offer the non-tear, soft PU Waterproof-Couch Cover which can be used on top or underneath all the brand's cushions to extend service life, as well as allowing for fuss-free cleaning after treatments such as waxing.

Other support products available include the PVC Air Filled Bolster, which is one size fits all, strong and deflatable for easy storage.

For more information, contact 01273 486 257 or email