Male grooming market sees ‘Love Island’ boost

The ‘Love Island effect' has been recognised as a driving force behind the 111% increase in the sale of prestige men's face masks over 12 months.

According to the NPD Group, the total value of the men's prestige grooming market in the UK was valued at £500million in the 12 months to the end of June 2019; an increase of £2.2million on the same period the year before. During this period, the men's prestige fragrance market was valued at £472million while skincare was worth £29million; growth which the group attributes to the continued popularity of men's grooming products, reflecting the growing trend for men to care for their appearance, looks and presentation in line with the groomed, manicured look of popular reality TV show Love Island.

June Jensen, director, NPD UK Beauty, says, “Love Island continues to be a hugely popular show and presents a modern image of men today. It's ok to take care of yourself, to look smart, tanned and toned. The prestige men's grooming market has certainly benefited from this trend as we have seen some dramatic increases in the growth of men's face masks and men's body care such as cleansers and exfoliators.”

Specifically, sales of men's body exfoliators grew by 20%, body cleansers grew by 9% and body moisturisers grew by 4%. June continues, “It is encouraging to observe the continued growth in the men's grooming market. Fragrance has always been a key part of this sector, but we are seeing an increasing amount spent on men's skincare.”

“It's also interesting to note how wider beauty trends, like the huge popularity of face masks, has transcended the women's sector to become a booming part of the men's market too,” June adds. “This is a great opportunity for skincare brands, as men are allocating more of their disposable income on prestige body care including cleansers, exfoliators and moisturisers.”