Growth in barbering industry set back by lack of quality barbers

The UK barbering industry is expected to grow over the next five years; however, there are major concerns over a lack of quality barbers to meet this extra demand.
According to a new survey carried out by ex-forces skills organisation, Armour to Barber, and The Bluebeard's Revenge, a premium male grooming brand, 83% of those working in the barber industry believe that the sector will continue to flourish.

Nevertheless, 63% of the 1,001 respondents believe that the industry does not currently have enough quality barbers to cope with the rising demand from consumers. The overriding reason for this (64%) was said to be the pressure to complete cuts quickly, without taking the time to consult the client on their individual requirements.

Another reason was the lack of regulation and licensing within the industry (51%), allowing anyone to open up a barbershop without the necessary skills and therefore offering a poor quality service.

33% said that they believed inadequate barber training provided by colleges was the biggest challenge for the industry, while 66% of barbershop owners admitted that they are finding it difficult to hire a quality barber.