Eco spa backs hydrothermal training

Titanic Spa has announced its support of the Global Wellness Institute's hydrothermal initiative by introducing enhanced training for staff, as well as a customer education programme.

The initiative aims to improve the education of therapists in order for them to appropriately advise guests on the most beneficial way to use hydrothermal facilities for health and wellbeing.

Getting behind the programme, the Yorkshire eco-spa has launched fresh training for new members of staff which will specialise in the modalities and benefits of hydrothermal amenities, as well as regular refresher sessions for existing employees.

Sharing their knowledge, Titanic Spa's therapists will provide regular client hydrothermal walkthroughs, allowing them to go through each experience with the guest and provide guidance on how to use the facilities to experience the best results for their wellbeing.

Warrick Burton, director of Titanic Spa, comments: “Hydrothermal experiences can often be a mystery so by providing our staff with the means and knowledge to actively educate our guests, we hope that the facilities will be better understood and that our guests will achieve enhanced relaxation and wellbeing benefits.”