Dermalogica launch new Global Safety Standards and Certification Programme

Skincare brand Dermalogica has announced the launch of its Global Safety Standards and Certification Programme, in a bid to help salon owners and professional skin therapists reopen their businesses when the time is right in their local markets.

Developed in accordance with its professional-grade standards, and with the safety of staff and consumers as top priority, the latest measures have been formulated to support businesses when lockdown restrictions affecting the sector have been formally lifted by the Government.

Dermalogica's new Global Safety Standards and Certification Programme include a set of directives for enhanced service safety. These include maintaining physical distancing by staggering appointments and limiting entrance; wearing masks in common areas and masks and face shields during treatments; hand sanitisation, handwashing and sterilisation, as well as requirements for laundering and retail testers.

Detailed safety protocols that address specific touchpoints also feature, such as pre-appointment screening; client arrival and departure; retail and common-area floor services; treatment room sanitation and protective wear.

In addition, skin therapists can complete free online training on the key principles and enhanced protocols to receive Clean Touch Certification. Upon completion, they will earn a certificate recognising them as ‘Clean Touch Certified' and display this in their salon, treatment room or website.

“As science progresses, we will surely need to loosen or tighten the safety precautions,” states Dermalogica Global CEO Aurelian Lis. “What counts is that we have defined the most appropriate steps now so that the industry can embark on the changes necessary to make facial skincare services a reality. With big business focused on digital or sitting it out, skin therapists are not willing to give up on the important industry of human touch and connection.”

Dermalogica has also teased a new “Back in Touch” global marketing campaign, created to assist the brand's skin therapists as they start thinking about reopening and reconnecting with their clients.

The campaign will launch in select Dermalogica markets this month and continue wider roll-out as local communities suggest that it is safe to do so.

To become Clean Touch Certified or for more information, visit: