BLOG: How to win back clients

What can businesses do to reconnect with clients who haven't seen them in a while? Miranda Mathews, Managing Director, UK&I Treatwell, shares her expert advice and how the brand's software can help.

Businesses can lose clients for various reasons and often you might not know exactly how or why you are losing them. The analytics available on Treatwell Pro allows salons to see exact figures, whilst also having a communication model to help win them back without seeming too desperate or pushy!
If you're looking to reconnect with clients that you haven't seen or booked in for a while then our software can help your clients feel special with tailored emails or texts based on historical client data we know will be most likely to get them coming back in. You can also send them a birthday email - which could include a special promo or discount code for a treatment!

What are the best methods to entice customers back to the salon? 

There are a number of methods that can help you entice customers back to your salon depending on your situation, here are a few ways in which Treatwell Pro can help: 

  • Personalised Marketing - Whether it's a birthday or a seasonal offer, Treatwell Pro gives you the opportunity to give your clients the option to buy a gift card or prepaid online card that enables the lucky recipient to book treatments in your salon! Another way you can help to entice and retain customers by making them feel special is through subscriptions or packages. If you're ever looking to fill empty slots during the day or getting customers to book back in, Treatwell Pro allows you to create flash promos in a few simple steps; you can choose the treatment that you make the offer available on, with Pro also giving you a reminder of when the promotion will expire in order to send the right marketing materials. 

  • Loyalty Cards - There is no better way to build up client loyalty or entice customers back into your salon than by offering them the opportunity to collect points with you on every treatment they book. It only takes a few minutes to set up and Treatwell Pro updates clients' points after their every visit, meaning you don't have to worry about any admin. 

  • Automated Messaging - Thanks to automated messaging with Treatwell Pro, a reminder of any upcoming appointments is sent automatically to your clients free of cost. This can be in the form of email reminders, SMS reminders or push notifications. Overall clients will see this as a seamless process throughout and therefore be willing to come back to the salon. 

Is there a way salon owners can maintain engagement with clients so that brand awareness is at the forefront of their minds? 

Through the Treatwell app and website, your salon is available and discoverable online, 24/7 across multiple platforms. The software also allows you to add a booking widget which is added to your website or social media pages and will take your customers straight through to an online booking with you. Therefore, any potential or loyal client searching through your website, Facebook or Instagram DMs can easily book by clicking on the booking widget, taking them straight to your salon on the Treatwell Marketplace.

Another way to maintain engagement with your clients is through reviews. Keeping your finger on the pulse and monitoring reviews is easy with Treatwell Pro. Once a customer publishes a review, you will receive a notification and have the ability to respond directly, within a matter of clicks. The software helps you manage all reviews in one place - making it seamless for you to reply and interact when needed and also helping clients to feel as though their opinion matters and is heard. Setting out a well-crafted response to reviews can improve the customer's experience overall and can help to establish trust with a potential customer in the future. 

If clients return, how can salons secure the next appointment?

Client retention is a huge asset for any business and if you're looking for them to become a regular, it is always best to try and offer them unique offers on treatments or packages for the treatment they have had repeatedly in the past. With Treatwell Pro, notes can also be stored which contains information on the last treatment that they had, for example it could be a specific hair colour or toner used - in the long run, this saves less hassle for yourself and the client and will show that your service is seamless and focused on them and their needs.

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Author: Miranda Mathews - Managing Director UK & IE

Miranda is the MD of Treatwell for the UK & Ireland, she has spent the last decade leading various technology organisations through inception to scaling globally. She has specialised in Sales, Market Expansion, Operations, and various Leadership roles. Her passions lie in mentoring young women and supporting small businesses, these factors coupled with her love for hair & beauty made her the perfect fit for Treatwell. Miranda is playing a key role in transitioning the business from Marketplace focused offering to a software first proposition – ensuring that Treatwell's current and future digital products genuinely meet the needs of salon owners throughout the country.