App creator claims business woman award

Entrepreneur Kate Stott has been awarded Scottish Business Woman of the Year at the National Business Women's Awards.

Kate was recognised for her business acumen in launching the new BeautyBooker app, a business building platform to encourage customer bookings for hair, beauty, nail salons and spas within the north east area of Scotland.

Created in 2019, BeautyBooker was developed as a regionalised quick and efficient booking app, inspired by Kate's time-consuming and frustrating search for a last-minute nail appointment.

“Within a market that has become saturated throughout the north east and nationally, we wanted to find a way to promote local businesses that were not necessarily the ones with the highest number of followers on social media,” explains Kate, pictured centre with TV presenter Jonny Nelson and charity partner, Breast Cancer Haven's Alice Coombes.

The app is currently focused in Aberdeen, but Kate already has plans for expansion in 2020 throughout Scotland, as well as looking towards England in the future.

“Our vision is to create a brand so strong and on trend that everyone who holds an interest in hair and beauty has the app on their phone. We don't just want to be an app, as we envision a whole entire movement; in our eyes, owning a copy of Vogue and having access to BeautyBooker will be the same thing.”