BMLA to set standards for the safe use of laser

It is estimated that Non-surgical interventions such as treatments with Laser and IPL devices, account for 90% of all cosmetic procedures undertaken in the UK and contribute to 75% of the market value.* 
Despite the increasing abundance of laser/IPL clinics, in the vast majority of cases, the use of such devices for cosmetic treatments has not been regulated since 2010. Building upon previous work by industry experts and encompassing key aspects of Laser/IPL standards produced by the Department of Health, the British Medical Laser Association is proud to announce the publication of the “Essential Standards” for the safe use of laser & light sources in non-surgical aesthetic applications.  

The BMLA “Essential Standards” are specifically written to offer a clear and comprehensive set of industry standards for the use of non-surgical aesthetic application of Laser and IPL.  In the absence of regulation, these standards provide the entire sector with the required guidance needed to implement best-practice and improve both patient and operator safety.   

The BMLA Essential Standards will be formally launched at their 35th Annual Conference to be held in Manchester (17th – 19th May).  To finds out more about the BMLA Essential Standards and the Annual Conference, visit the webpage:

 *Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions (Department of Health) 

Image: / puhhha