Skin care brand sponsors Clean Up

World Clean Up Day took place this September; a global initiative which sees hundreds of volunteers come together to remove thousands of pieces of rubbish from nature.

Event sponsors, REN Clean Skincare, joined Global Clean Up organisers, Plastic Patrol, at London's Paddington Basin to attempt their mission of collecting 250,000 pieces of rubbish throughout the day. While Plastic Patrol runs clean ups throughout the year, the annual World Clean Up Day unites people across the globe to pick up and map rubbish from rivers, forests, oceans and beaches in a variety of fresh and exciting ways.

This year, UK clean ups included parkour at London's Waterloo Station, paddle boarding in Torquay and plogging (jogging with picking up litter) in Leeds; while globally events occurred in locations such as Miami, Bangkok and New York. Everything collected is logged on the Plastic Patrol app to be analysed by partner scientists.

Organisers say that the information collected is hugely valuable and helps to understand the types, distribution, amount and brands of plastic (as well as other waste including glass and cans) that are found so that Plastic Patrol can work with industries and the government to implement urgent solutions.