Sale of prestige face masks grows by 43% in eight months

The market for the sale of prestige face masks in the UK reported an increase of 43% in the six-month period January 2017 to August 2017 according to the NPD Group, a global information company.
The sale of cleansers, masks, facial oils, hair and overnight masks all reported impressive growth, as Instagram users share their home spa rituals and facial routines online.The hashtag #spaathome has been used over 35,000 times, and the concept of the Sunday Facial has been championed by skin care therapists, bloggers and editors.

The market for the sale of prestige facial skin care continues to expand, reporting growth of 7% over the same eight month period and sales of £282 million. Meanwhile, the sales of face masks alone valued at £10 million, with clay and face masks growing by 121% and sheet masks by 34%.

Helena Duxbury, Senior Account Manager at NPD UK Beauty, says: “The popularity of skin care products to create an at-home spa ritual has had a big impact of the prestige beauty market. This not only boosts the retail offering for brands, but also engages consumers on a deeper level with the brand and its story.”