November 2011 E-Newsletter

BeautyServe.com E-Newsletter

Guild Press has expanded its online presence with the introduction of the monthly BeautyServe.com E-Newsletter.

The E-Newsletter is sent out to over 58,000 beauty professionals and has been designed to drive additional traffic to our already well established website, BeautyServe.com, whilst promoting online copies of the magazine, which can now be viewed using the latest page turning software with fully functional hyperlinking facilities available.

This, combined with banner advertising opportunities online and limited availability within the E-Newsletter means that, once again, Guild Press are leading the way in ensuring you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Advertising within the BeautyServe.com E-Newsletter is an excellent medium for companies looking to stand out from their competitors - one click and the potential customer will be directed to your website or a bespoke page, perhaps detailing a special offer or contact form.

Advertising Rates 1 3 6
Option A £395 £375 £350
Option B £195 £175 £160
Option C £300 £280 £260
Option D £125 £115 £100

Technical Specifications

Option A

Editorial space approx. 100 words + images at 300dpi

Option B

295 x 83

Option C

600 x 83

Option D

141 x 81