Phorest unveil free online resources for salon owners

Phorest Salon Software has launched free online resources for salon owners, in a bid to help them prepare for a successful reopening post-lockdown.

The company's Reopening Resource Bank provides businesses with a number of useful tools and techniques. These include blogs, podcasts, email and SMS templates, as well as Phorest's Post Lockdown Revenue Calculator and a Reopening Action Plan worksheet, to name a few.

In addition, Phorest has put together its ‘Getting Back In Business Playbook'; a comprehensive guide to helping salon owners during the reopening phase. The playbook covers everything from managing your operations to assessing and working with your financial situation.

Each week, the Reopening Resource Bank is reviewed and updated by the brand with the latest and relevant information and tools.

Salon owners who download the Resource Bank will also receive a weekly email, highlighting any new resources to help ensure a smooth and easy reopening.

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(Image: Getty Images/iStock)