NovaLash extends UK training team

NovaLash has appointed a host of new educators, following a surge of training enquiries from lash artists from across the UK and Ireland.
Reporting to NovaLash's Global Master Trainer, Zachary Falb, the six new recruits will be responsible for sharing their knowledge and passion for the industry, while inspiring and mentoring new and existing lash artists.

Responsible for training and education in England and Scotland will be Kate Baxter (Northern Scotland), Andrea McQuade (Scotland), Nicole Pearson (Felixstowe) and Zoe Nichols (Bournemouth and Kent). Representing NovaLash in Ireland, the brand welcomes Joanna Waszkiewicz (Cork) and Louise Dunster (Dublin).

Commenting on the new appointments, UK Director at NovaLash, Heather Hughes, said: "We've experienced significant growth in the last 12 months and we're now at a stage where we can extend our NovaLash Team of educators to cater for the surge of new lash artists who want to train with us. We're excited to have the new recruits on board and look forward to welcoming a new wave of certified NovaLash lash artist over the coming months and years."

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