New iiaa Research Centre for Skin Health

The International Institute for Anti-ageing (iiaa) has announced the opening of a new Research Centre for Skin Health. The new centre is part of the strategic expansion of the corporate headquarters in North London. 

The state of the art research facility sits alongside new offices, additional training facilities, enlarged warehousing and storage of essential professional products for distribution to over 4,500 salons in the UK and Ireland. Of particular interest is the new temperature controlled fulfilment facility, ensuring best practice and clinical standard fulfilment of the Advanced Nutrition Programme skin health and wellbeing supplements. 

Equipped with the gold standard in skin analysis equipment, the new iiaa Research Centre will measure skin hydration, elasticity and Trans-epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) as well as other indispensable parameters for the evaluation of various functions of the skin. 

Lorraine Perretta, Consultant Nutritionist to the iiaa said: “We are very excited by the possibilities of the new iiaa Research Centre for Skin Health. We have already started pre-clinical studies to investigate various targeted nutrient combinations on skin concerns. This investment into world leading technology will help us to significantly accelerate our new product development and open new areas of nutritional innovation to benefit skin health."