Nail brand to host free webinar

Louella Belle and Famous Names are offering a free ‘Introduction to IBX' webinar to 100 customers who purchase an IBX Mini Duo Kit between 1st July and 15th August 2018.   

The 90-minute long webinar will be led by Famous Names founder, Linda Nordstrom (pictured), and aims to provide an introduction to the IBX system and the science behind the products for weak and damaged nails.  

It will also include a product demo, where participants can practice and receive one-on-one help and support, as well as marketing strategies to highlight how IBX can work alongside existing manicure and pedicure services.  

“Famous Names and Louella Belle are excited to be able to hold this webinar for new IBX customers,” comments Linda. “This is a great way for experienced technicians and salon owners, who are perhaps considering introducing a new treatment for their clients, to try our award-winning products and see how they can complement their existing treatment offerings.”

For more information, contact Louella Belle on 0333 000 2100 or visit