Making the most out of your Visit to Beauty UK

Planning on attending Beauty UK this weekend? Find out how to make the most out of your visit to this leading trade industry event.

Visiting a trade show is a great way to broaden your industry knowledge. With a whole range of products and companies under one roof, you can find out what's new and what will benefit your business.

Reasons to visit

A trade show is the ideal platform for meeting customers and suppliers face to face, allowing you to communicate freely and get any questions answered straight away. With hundreds of suppliers under one roof, you can catch up with the companies that you already work with, as well as get to know the newest names emerging within the industry.

For many exhibitors, a trade show is the ideal place to promote a new launch, offering visitors the chance to get a first look at the latest developments and products that they are releasing.

Many exhibitors will additionally have exclusive show-only offers and discounts available for visitors. These will often be announced on the lead up to the event via social media, on the show's website, as well as in the show guide.

If you are visiting the trade exhibition as a team, then it can be an inspirational day out for you and your colleagues. For example, at Beauty UK, you can enjoy exhibitor-led seminars covering topics such as salon business tips, tanning, waxing, skin care, plus many more.

Before the show

During the lead up to the show, put together a plan of action detailing what you want to achieve. Have a think about the brands you want to see when you get there and which seminars particularly take your fancy; this way, you can allocate your time wisely and make the most out of your visit.

If you are planning on purchasing products for your business whilst you are there, it's a good idea to have a look at your inventory needs before you head to the show. This way you can evaluate what you actually need and can give yourself a budget to stick to.

Ask any trade show veteran, and they'll tell you that comfort is key when attending such events.  Whilst packing your bags before you set off, consider taking comfortable footwear and clothing. Walking around a trade show all day can be tiring, especially when you will be spending most of the day on your feet, so you need to be prepared for this.

Your time at the show

It's always best to arrive early at the exhibition; this way, you can avoid standing in long lines and will be able to make the most of the show deals and promotions. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to get there and be sure to grab some cash along the way. Even though there are usually ATMs on site, these can get busy, and not all of the exhibitors will have card machines at their stands, so having cash is a must.

When you get to the show, pick up a copy of every piece of literature that is available. This is not only so that you can refer back to them at a later date, but also so that you can double check who is actually at the show, as there may be some new exhibitors that you perhaps weren't aware about that you will want to visit.

Tips from the experts:

Marie-Louise Coster, salon owner and beauty trainer:
• “Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to see everything showcased in one place, allowing you to compare brands, see demonstrations and obtain information about new advances, techniques and treatments.”
• “Attend the seminars that spark your interest and will be the most beneficial to both your development and the development and growth of your business.”
• “Research the companies you wish to see before you get there and have a list of questions ready – that way, you will use the time you have with them most effectively and gain a contact that you can converse with later if you have further questions or queries.”

Steve Rowbotton, Director at Westrow:
• “One of the keys to a successful hair and beauty business is being proactive in training and investing in staff, by sending them on training courses or advancing their knowledge through attending trade shows. They can also be beneficial from a customer point-of-view, exposing them to the latest innovations and trends and positioning your staff members as experts in their field.”
• “Have a good look at the companies that will be attending and write a wish list of those that you would like to know more about. Once you have your list, make a note of the stand numbers and plan the order that you would like to visit them in carefully.”

After the show

The first thing you need to do after the event is to sort out of all of the information that you collected in order of priority – a good way to jog your memory is to use sticky notes. You can also put any business cards into use by creating a list of contacts for your files. However, don't just put them onto the system and forget about them – make sure to follow up and get in touch with the people that you meet, as this way you can make stronger connections moving forward.

After you have arranged all of these materials, it's a good time to call a meeting with your colleagues so that you can put a plan of action into place moving forward.

Your time at the trade show is all about benefiting your business, so evaluate what went well and what you would like to achieve next time. Most of all be sure to enjoy your time there too!

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