Liverpool turns to prestige beauty

Prestige beauty sales in the UK reported an increase of 4% to £2.55 billion last year, according to new findings from global information company, The NPD Group.
Sales of prestige beauty reported the most impressive growth in Liverpool (15%). Whilst the city represents just 3% of the total prestige beauty market in UK, consumers in Liverpool are turning to premium brands more than ever before. In 2016, total sales of make-up increased by 30% and women's skin care by 6%.

June Jensen, Director, NPD UK Beauty says: "Liverpool has always been known for setting distinct beauty trends and its consumers have a real passion for beauty products. Whilst it's a small sector of the market, the data demonstrates that women in the city have embraced prestige beauty and are upgrading their beauty regime with more premium make-up and skin care products." 

Elsewhere, London, which represents 18% of the total market for prestige beauty in the UK, reported an increase of 9%. In 2016, total sales of make-up increased by 17% and women's skin care by 6%. In addition, Birmingham, which represents 2% of the prestige beauty market, grew by 8% with sales of make-up increasing by 20% and women's skin care by 8%.

June adds: "There will always be regional variations in the buying habits of consumers, but what is interesting here is that regional cities are following the lead of the capital where their interest in prestige beauty is outstripping that in London and looks set to continue."