Highlighting the plight of Rosacea sufferers

Tuesday 27 September, 2016

Celebrity make-up artist, Sarah Jagger, braved public reactions to the very visual symptoms of a Rosacea flare-up to highlight the impact this common skin condition has on sufferers' mental health and wellbeing. Rosacea affects approximately 10% of the UK population.

To address the current lack of Rosacea awareness, Sarah, herself a Rosacea sufferer, used her make-up expertise to show the visible symptoms of a Rosacea flare up, and alongside Embarrassing Bodies' Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Anton Alexandroff, Consultant Dermatologist at University Hospitals Leicester, she took to the streets of London to see the public's reaction and experience first-hand current perceptions and misconceptions towards the condition. 

"It was a truly insightful experience," comments Sarah. "I spend my time helping people cover up their imperfections and help them feel confident in their skin. However, during this experience I felt increasingly conscious of those around me, constantly wondering what they were thinking. It was completely isolating."

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