Cold Feet star reveals CACI facelift as her beauty secret

Cold Feet star Hermione Norris has revealed CACI's non-surgical facelift as her age-defying beauty secret.
The treatment, which involves LED lights and micro-electric currents, reduces lines and wrinkles and stimulates muscles, and is a firm favourite of celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Sadie Frost and Anthea Turner.

Hermione opted for the CACI Synergy Facial Toning treatment, which provides ultra-low frequency stimulation with orbital skin resurfacing, ultrasonic peeling, LED and S.P.E.D technology, as well as the exclusive ‘wrinkle comb', a non-invasive alternative to dermal fillers.

Dean Nathanson, International Managing Director for CACI, said: “Hermione looks absolutely amazing and clearly does a lot to look after her skin. Having regular CACI facials will help rejuvenate her facial features by re-educating the muscles that tend to sag due to age.

“The treatment will also boost collagen levels, leaving the skin plumped and less prone to lines and wrinkles, and the Hydro mask treatment will give amazing hydration levels.”