Christmas spending habits

New research from digital insights company, Toluna*, has revealed that 45% of UK shoppers choose not to restrict themselves with a budget during the holiday period.

The research also found that people are spending more and buying more in general, with 74% of people buying presents for their colleagues and 65% of people buying presents for their pets. In comparison, 66% expect to buy presents for their friends, and 56% say they expect to buy presents for their family. Reassuringly, however, over three quarters 76% intend to buy presents for charitable causes this Christmas. 

This increase in spending may be caused by a sentiment that Christmas is becoming more materialistic, with 81% of people saying they think that the holiday has become too commercialised. 

When asked about the most expensive gifts they will purchase this year, the most common answers given included laptops and other forms of technology, and trips overseas. 

*Toluna surveyed 500 people who live in the UK on November 21st 2016.