CIDESCO celebrate 70th birthday

Today, on 27th December, CIDESCO, the World Standard for Beauty and Spa Therapy, celebrates its 70th anniversary. 

 “CIDESCO has reached an incredible milestone this year, celebrating 70 years of success, developing into the internationally recognised and respected organisation that it is today”, comments CIDESCO International President, Anna-Cari Gund. 

“I am incredibly proud of all that has been achieved and look forward to celebrating the achievements to come of all our members, students and graduates across the globe.” 

To commemorate the milestone, CIDESCO is taking a look back at notable beauty events, fashions and trends that have occurred over the last seven decades. CIDESCO was founded in 1946 by Georges Dumont from Belgium and Jacques Poirsons from France. It aimed to unite beauty therapists, as well as exchange ideas and a framework for education in a progressive, unified way. Just over ten years later CIDESCO's first beauty diploma was issued in 1958, marking the start of a change in beauty standards and education. Since then CIDESCO welcomed its first female president, Ria de Korte from the Netherlands, in 1963, and adapted to the demand for new skills, equipment and diplomas to embrace continuous global development and changes within the beauty industry. CIDESCO beauty therapists have learned to become accustomed to the rotating platform of beauty trends, further noticing the correlation between fashions and beauty appointments. 

Now in its 70th year, CIDESCO has 29 sections globally, its own quarterly magazine, CIDESCO LINK, and even more diplomas and post graduate qualifications with millions of students worldwide, wanting to study with the widely accredited examining body.