British women spend £22,000 on make-up over their lifetime

British women splash £22,000 on make-up over their lifetime, according to new findings. Research calculated by hair and beauty retailer, found that on average, British women will spend around £306 on make-up products per year, which totals to £21,420 over a lifetime. To put that into context, the amount is the same as buying nearly 50 pairs of iconic black Louboutins! 

Among the costs include mascara, which, due to its expiration date, should be replaced every four to six months. Replacing a mid-priced mascara at £15 every four months, will set you back £45 per year, which totals to £3,150 over a lifetime. 

And getting through a bottle of foundation every three months could end up costing £4,200, which is the same price as a brand new handbag from a top designer.

Buying two lipsticks a year may could set you back around £1,400 over the course of a lifetime, which is enough to fund your phone contract for nine and a half years!