Beauty therapy is third most anticipated post-lockdown activity

Beauty treatments are the third most anticipated activity consumers are most looking forward to resuming post-lockdown, according to new findings.

Data insight company, Kantar Media, collected figures between the first week of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and the first week of May, exploring how public desire to engage in certain pursuits has shifted over the period.

The research revealed that ‘beauty therapy' has been highly anticipated throughout lockdown, taking the top spot in the first week, and eventually moving to the third position after six weeks behind ‘nights out with friends' and ‘live events'.

Kantar gathered the data from social media comments and conversations within which people are discussing what they are looking forward to doing after COVID-19, with a focus on UK and global English speaking social media users. The company have also been tracking UK search data as a point of comparison.

Speaking of the report, Andrew Nelson, client director of social media insight at Kantar Media, says: "By using these insights and trends to keep a pulse on the attitudes and behaviours of consumers, brands and businesses will be well placed to both continue communicating with their audiences and engage with them around the activities they're craving as we emerge from the lockdown."

(Image: Getty Images/iStock)