BRAND FOCUS: KB Hair Extensions

With a host of celebrity and influencer fans, KB Hair Extensions has garnered its success through word of mouth, social media, and best of all its customers.

We spoke to founder Kerry-Ann Buckell who shares the story behind the award-winning brand's accomplishments and future plans…

Where did the idea for KB Hair Extensions originate?

Kerry: “ In 2013, I was lucky enough to work for a worldwide celebrity. This was a great experience, however, I was once photographed in a UK newspaper with my clip-in hair extensions on show (embarrassing I know!) Yet, just this one photo gave me the idea to make sure that nobody else had this problem on a day-to-day basis. Hair extensions weren't popular in our area and growing up I was always asked where I got my hair, from who did it, etc so I wanted to change that. I wanted to help others with their hair. I set up my business in 2014 and here we are."

What's the best part about owning the brand? 

Kerry: "I started KB Hair Extensions not knowing where it would go or how much it would change people's lives. Having had experience with hair extensions for over 15 years now, I truly believe that changing your hair can change your life. I see clients who have no confidence and by simply providing them with hair extensions they regain that confidence and happiness too. That's the biggest reward for me. I have created my own brand, content, and products and ensure I put my all into my business - I only wish I had started it sooner."

What's your current product range and best-sellers?

Kerry: "KB Hair Extensions specialises in after-care hair products which have been made exclusively for hair extensions. Our best-selling after-care product has to be our leave-in argan conditioning spray alongside our argan oil hair serum of course! They both leave your hair smooth and shiny, eliminating frizz and also nourishing your hair and extensions at the same time."

"Alongside our after-care range, we also have created our range of clip-in hair extensions which are loved by celebrities, influencers, and customers all over the world. Our deluxe clip-in hair range is thicker than most on the market and lasts longer than any brand we have come across before. Love Island star and model Jade Affleck has had our clip-ins for 11 months so far and they are still going strong!"

What makes KB Hair Extensions unique?

Kerry: "I like to feel that I am different from most hair extension specialists not because I do it all on my own, but because I have gone through what my clients go through. I have tried all methods, had ups and downs with my hair and the experience. The knowledge and love I have for hair extensions are shown and shared with people who cross my path. Being a hair extension specialist in the salon and having your own line of clip-in hair extensions online is a great mix, it's not often you see the two go together.

"For 6 years now I have produced all my own content, run all my social platforms, built my own website, created my own products, directed and shot my own brand photoshoots and that's all because I love what I do. It would be easy to have help from other companies, but why do that when you love a challenge and have the vision?"

What are your thoughts and feelings on customer service?

Kerry: "Customer service is one of the most important attributes to any business. Before KB Hair Extensions, I worked in customer service for nine years. It's so important to be able to be there, understand, and provide a great experience for your customers. "Creating and running a business is a journey in itself and you learn as you grow. One thing I always remind myself is that not everyone will like you or your brand and that's okay. Why? Because as long as you love what you do and believe in yourself, then why should it matter to one person who feels differently. Do it for YOU!"

Since your launch, what accolades and awards have you won?

Kerry; "In October 2019, I won 'Hair Extensions Specialist of the Year' at the London Hair and Beauty Awards. This is my biggest achievement to date and an absolute shock to be up against top salon owners in London and so many talented artists. "Over the past two years, it's been an honour to win multiple awards. Earlier this year, it was announced that I am a finalist in not one but five categories for the UK Hair and Beauty Awards which resulted in me placing in the top 50 for Hair Extension Specialist of the Year and top 10 for the Hair and Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year. I am also currently nominated for 'Hair Extension Brand of the Year' at the Social Media Hair and Beauty Awards. These are taking place virtually at the end of this month and I am beyond excited. Fingers crossed."

KB Hair Extension has become popular with some well-known faces, tell us more.

Kerry: "As a brand, we've been extremely lucky to work with some of the most beautiful women we have ever come across. Our hair extensions have been worn by models, tv reality stars, influencers, and best of all real women every day. "Currently, our clip-in hair extensions are loved and worn by Love Island star and model Jade Affleck, who has been wearing our deluxe clip-ins since early 2020 and they're still going strong.

"As a brand owner, I love to see our hair tagged anyone who wears it and thanks to social media, we get to see that and share it with the world. The women who wear our hair really shine in their photos and I like to think we play a tiny part in that by adding confidence with hair."

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

Kerry: "In November 2019, I trained as one of the first people to learn a new hair extension method in the UK, ‘Naked Weave'. This method was an added bonus for me when I already knew how to apply wefts, however, this method has skyrocketed and to be one of the first is a great feeling.

"With the added experience of learning a new method, I finally took the leap and created my sister company 'KB Hair Academy' during 2020's lockdown. Since then, I have trained and taking those students under my wing. Providing support, help, and advice to these new hair extensions is a reward in itself. Passing on my knowledge of what I love to someone just starting is life-changing and I am thankful for companies like ‘Naked Weave' that helped teach me all I know because look where I am now!

"I am always looking to expand the brand. At the end of 2020, I created KB Cosmetics which is separate from KB Hair Extensions but still carries on the KB name. Recently, we launched our range of self-tanning mousses which sold out within the first week! Plus, we are launching our exclusive range of lip glosses 'KB Extreme Gloss' this month with more to come, so watch this space ..."

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