Award-winning therapist launches Massage4MentalHealth campaign

Multi-award-winning mobile therapist Hayley Snishko has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the benefits and results of massage therapy for mental health.
Due to her own experiences, both personal and professional, Hayley is passionate about the initiative Massage4MentalHealth. The goal of the campaign is to change the perception of massage therapy and raise its profile so that it can be seen as a credible treatment for people suffering from mental health issues. 

As the current holder of the BABTAC Mobile Therapist of the Year 2022, Hayley has been running her successful mobile massage business, Home Sanctuary, for over 11 years. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the plaudits of her award-winning achievements, Hayley is on a mission to drive change and use her position and voice to promote positivity for all mobile therapists and their clients.

Commenting on the launch, Hayley said: “I have been a massage therapist for over 14 years and have thousands of hours of hands-on client experience. Therefore, I feel I am perfectly placed to launch this major campaign to support people suffering from mental health.

“I am determined that Massage4MentalHealth will raise the profile of massage, as not only a holistic therapy but as a compelling treatment to people suffering with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.”

Hayley adds: “The approach and philosophy of a well-trained massage therapist complement conventional psychiatric care and can be an important additional treatment in treating patients. A respectful and collaborative approach to their care may truly help people living with mental illness and drastically improve their quality of life.”

To help raise awareness and champion the cause, Hayley plans to conduct press interviews and speak at seminars, exhibitions, and live events. She has already been featured on BBC Radio Surrey, as well as various trade and consumer media outlets.

"This is such an important year for me as the Mobile Therapist of the Year and I truly want to drive awareness for Massage4MentalHealth. I want to use my personal and professional experiences to maximum effect while I have the platform to do so," she explains. “I need to inform as many people as possible suffering from mental health of this alternative treatment as well as educate other massage therapists and medical professionals that Massage4MentalHealth is a credible alternative.”

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